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Red Carpet Quality Makeup for All Occasions

Professional Airbrush Makeup Services

Flawless Airbrush Makeup is here to help you look absolutely stunning for any occasion, may it be a corporate event or a wedding.

We are a DINAIR retail distributor that offers airbrush workshops and classes, as well as professional on-location services. Our owner has been featured on TLC’s Say Yes to the Prom Dress with Monte Durham, and her work has been showcased in People magazine.

While airbrush makeup is becoming a craze for all makeup enthusiasts, Dinair Airbrush Makeup is the nation's first airbrush makeup. Leading film and television makeup artists have been using Dinair for over 30 years. Its unique, water-based formula sets itself apart from all other brands. Unlike silicone, a water-based makeup is perfect for all skin types and will provide a flawless finish every time, while concealing, correcting, and healing your skin. Dinair originally created airbrush makeup for television, but soon realized that it could become the first high definition, daily-wear airbrush makeup.

It is the only FULL-FACE airbrush makeup that provides foundation, concealer, blush, hi-lite, eye shadow, eye-liner, eyebrow enhancement and mascara. Its wide variety of products include: Fantasy Airbrush and Stenciling, Spray Tan, Root Coverage for hair, 48-hour waterproof Tattoo Coverage, and temporary to semi-permanent hair color.

The airbrush makeup is applied with a very low pressure airbrush and layered on the skin in light, beautiful, pixelated layers. This allows the skin to shine through while still providing sheer-to-opaque coverage. It is both humidity and water resistant, allowing you to look picture perfect and selfie-ready for up to 18 hours without touch-ups.

With Dinair, there are no more unsanitary brushes or heavy makeup products being applied to the skin. Instead of covering your face with traditional makeup, erase the flaws and look photoshopped and perfect every time.

Whether you are hiring a professional artist for your special event, you are a professional looking to expand your knowledge with Dinair, or you are an every-day person wanting to achieve flawless skin, contact us now!

Book your appointment, register for a workshop, and purchase your very own Dinair kit by emailing us or calling us.

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